You Can Customize Jersey for Cycling Too!

If you are a fan of cycling of even a cycling athlete, wearing cycling jerseys should be something common for you. Cycling jerseys are specialized jersey for cycling. Actually, most of cyclists around the world wear conventional cloth during riding. However, wearing a jersey provide various advantages for cyclist with sport orientation. Cycling jerseys has a longer cut at the back to accommodate the position (bent-over) during cycling. All pockets are placed at the panel on the back because front pockets have a tendency to spill. At the collar there is a zipper that is usually quite long, allowing the cyclist to open it for ventilation purpose. Most cyclist usually wear the jersey with tight fits to reduce the air resistance. It is created to wick the moisture from skins, keeping the user more comfortable and cooler.

You can customize jersey for your cycling club at a lot of apparels store. There are a lot of jersey maker available around the world. For professional athletes, their jersey design is usually sponsored, printed with the logo of their sponsors. However, if you and your club are not professional athlete, you can have your own jersey designe that will give your club distinct character compared to other club. You can create your own team logo and place it on the jersey. The basic design of a jersey is the name and number at the back panel for the sake of identity. In cycling one of the most well-known jerseys is yellow jersey, or better-known as maillot jaune from Tour de France. Another popular cycling jersey is pink jersey or better known as magila rosa from Giro d’Italia. La roja, or red jersey is from Vuetta de Espana.

Maillot jaune and magila rosa have the color that is the same with their initial major sponsors color. Most of leader in Vuetta tournament wears red jerseys. Previously, it was either maillot amarillo or yellow jersey and jersey de oro or golden jersey. Most jerseys are designed and colored according to the logo of their sponsor. Once the contract is over and the sponsor changes, the color will also usually change according to the color of new sponsor. For amateur club, you can decide your own color based on your team’s preference. Most amateur tournaments do not have certain rules for the color of the jersey, thus, you can design it as you and your team like it.

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