DIY T Shirt Printing Using Transfer Paper

Doing t shirt printing at your home is actually pretty easy. For one-time project, the best way to create your own printed t-shirt is by using transfer paper. In this article, we will describe the easy steps to print on t-shirts using transfer paper.

The steps to create a custom t-shirt using transfer paper are listed below:

  • Buy transfer paper for t-shirt: you can find transfer paper anywhere on places where you usually buy your printer paper or stationary. You can choose between two different transfer papers: the one suitable for darker shirts, or one suitable for pastel or white shirts.
  • Choose an image: you can choose any image you have on your computer or scan some images if it only has physical source.
  • Mirror your image: for light-colored shirts, transfer paper usually creates a mirror picture on the shirt. Find mirror or reverse setting on the print options.
  • Preview your design on a paper: do not be in a rush, make sure to the image will fits on the paper. Resize your image if it is too big.
  • Cut the image out: cut the image out to make a clean picture. Any paper left around your image will be shown as a thin line on your shirt.
  • Cover your table with a pillowcase: find a flat and hard surface, like countertop or table, clean it up, and put a pillowcase made from cotton over the surface.
  • Set the iron: read the instructions on the transfer paper packaging to know the right settings for the product. If you cannot find any, you can choose high-temperature or cotton settings. Make sure the steam is off.
  • Iron your shirt: place your shirt on the table covered with pillowcase, and iron your shirt until itÂ’s completely flat. Make sure no wrinkle appear.
  • Place the transfer paper on the shirt: for light-colored shirts, place the picture face down. For darker shirts, place it face up. Place the paper in the middle of the shirt.
  • Iron your image: press your iron firmly on your cloth. Push it down to get significant pressure. The duration of this process depends on the instruction. Let it cool down and peel off the paper afterwards.

The list above already explain the steps to create DIY t shirt using transfer paper. Make sure to read every instruction given on the packaging of the transfer paper. Wrong process may lead to unsuccessful result and ruin your shirt.

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